In my art I combine the classical and modern principles and methods of Oil Painting. I think that all of the techniques (the more, the better) are a path toward creating a good art. I don't look for another way of expression, than the stretched white canvas. The work on canvas is boundless field for the artist. In this way I could be called conservative, but working in my own way on the canvas, I consider myself as an innovator and a discoverer.

I strive to be capable of working in a variety of different techniques, and to make my paintings contain both surface statement and deeper complexity. I leave to viewers to choose the level at which to read artwork.

In my art I am turned to the inspiring and beautiful side of the world. The paintings that I create interact positively with people and people's most common environment – nature, home, work place, etc. The relations among humans, and their relations with nature provide enough source of inspiration for me as an artist: the human body, the light falling over a woman's shoulder or face, a blossoming tree, a piece of an interesting fabric, an intriguing part of a neighborhood, a sunset, the yellow dry grass in summer, etc. Simple objects from our everyday life may strike a perfect inspiration if you are able to "see" it.

A goal of my work has always been my personal language of expression to resonate with the viewers and to leave not only a long lasting impression, but also a sense of spiritual enrichment.